Terms and Conditions

There are various Terms and Conditions that come with online dating sites and it is imperative that you read through them before you register as a member of a dating site.

Most of the terms and conditions that you fill find on dating sites come with an ‘agreement.’ Read through this and if you agree with all the terms than you can begin your dating online experience.

Some of the terms that you will see will be:

  • Agreeing that you are not a minor and are 18 years and older
  • Agreeing that the site reserves the right to change its conditions at any time
  • That the site has the right to ban you as a member if you go against the terms and conditions or have been reported as dishonest or a threat by other membership.
  • By registering for the site you have agreed that all the information you put forward in your dating profile is up to date and honest.

There are many terms and conditions that come with a dating site, this is to ensure the safety of the sites members and to ensure the safety of the site itself.

Always read the fine print and begin your online dating experience today!